Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 2012

The concept of this building is based on a simple scheme: a square that, duplicating itself, rises towards the sky. Reaching ever greater heights, the squares rotate in a virtual dance to achieve lighter volumes. Sometimes, in mid-air, a floor rises and imprints itself in a new horizontal dimension; but gravity prevails, and the extrusion must touch the ground again. Light envelops and shapes the building, creating a system that never stops. This forms a mixed-use building: apartments, offices, shops, and a hotel can coexist and be independent at the same time; the sky decks are elements that can aggregate the units. It is possible to reach the sky and live on the bridge, arriving from the ground or from the internal spaces of the buildings. White, to make the buildings reflect the colors of the day, taking on the appearance of a breath of fresh air. The mashrabiya, due to culture, merges with the needs of internal living.