Livorno, Toscana, Italia – 2018

Effective high-quality projects that do not require any ornamentation to acquire semantic meaning, featuring a compositional approach aimed at eliminating the superfluous while playing with light and materials. This is a prestigious renovation project in the harbor area in the heart of Livorno. The apartments are nestled within the neighborhood, modern residences rooted in the historic Via Grande. They are designed to offer maximum comfort and space combined with the latest technologies.The real estate redevelopment project emphasized enhancing existing architectural elements through a revision of interior space distribution and finishes in a contemporary context. The living area serves as the heart of the homes, from which services and bedrooms branch out. Fixed and movable glass partitions characterize the spaces, allowing for a separation between the living and sleeping areas. An articulated system comprising partition walls, wardrobes, and panel doors delineates the distribution spaces, sometimes highlighted further by transitions between oak parquet and marble flooring.