Milano, Italia – 2014

During HoMi 2014 in Milan, the designers undertook a transformation of the exhibition space inspired by the concept of “precious.” The new scene was built upon vibrations and the theme of monometric, absolute, abstract design—a symphony of harmonious geometric patterns. The compelling and hypnotic patterns of the surfaces, filled with voids, intersected along a sinuous “gallery” that guided the visitor through a mystical path of light. Architectural elements, decorations, and materials became graphic elements that adorned the space. The flooring transformed into an elegant, patterned cobblestone, while the curvaceous showcases alongside turned into ethereal, transparent curtains of an imaginary theater.The entire design drew inspiration from the decorative traditions of 20th-century architecture, art, and craftsmanship. Elements intertwined within a monothematic space, paying subtle homage to the great Masters of modern architecture. The overall design process aimed to redefine an architecture whose “image” embodies the consciousness of being foremost a high-intensity symbolic exchange, capable of expressing both instrumental performance and emotional implications.